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On Monday,  February 4, 2013, I was involved in a traffic collision in High Point.  A car pulled out of a parking lot in front of me and we collided. I slid into the curb on the passenger side blowing out my tire and damaging the wheel and the sub frame. I had the vehicle towed to my house that night.
The next day the wrecker came and towed my car to Vestal Buick GMC in Kernersville, NC because they are a Blue Ribbon shop for Nationwide Insurance. In the past I have used Rays Body Shop on S Main St in Winston Salem for body work, however this time, since there is potential mechanical issues, I chose to go to Vestal Buick GMC. I called Vestal's body shop and spoke with Dan Royer (Assistant Body Shop Manager) and told him what damage I saw on the vehicle and that the wrecker was on the way with the vehicle. The damage that I noted on inspection was front driver side clip, grill, hood, bumper, both tires, passenger side wheel and  the K-Frame (sub frame that the motor and transmission is mounted on) the weld is cracked from the impact. Below are photos of the damage.

When I went to sign the repair order the next day, I met with Dan and he said that the damage is not as bad as I thought and there is nothing wrong with the K-Frame (sub-frame). I told him the weld was cracked and he became defensive and rude. I told him lets go to the shop and put the car on the rack and I would show him. We went to the body shop and he immediately went to the driver side of the vehicle and was looking at the frame and said there is nothing wrong with the frame. I explained to him that its because he is looking on the wrong side. He came over to the passenger side and looked and saw that the frame weld was indeed cracked. I reluctantly signed the repair order and left.

I called the Nationwide claims agent that was initially assigned the repair and told him of my concerns about the way I was treated and that I question Vestals capability in properly repairing the vehicle. He said that he would contact the agent that worked that area and see if he knew of any problems from  Vestal. He called me back later on and told me that he had spoken with Nationwide Claims agent, Tom Cranford and said that I should not have any problems.

I returned to Vestal's on or about February 22 after being called and told my vehicle was ready. I arrived at the dealership and they had the car on the rack to inspect it. They had to replace both front wheels due to damage, however the driver side tire was remounted on the new wheel. They did at least mount it where the gash in the tire could be seen from the outside. It was deep enough to bury my finger nail into it. I also noticed that the gaps in the passenger side door and the trunk lid was dramatically out of line and I was concerned that the vehicle may be warped. There were several other problems that I found and reported to Lori Langford, body shop manager. I was assured by her that the car would be returned like it was before it was wrecked.

I returned on February 26 to pick up the car, and was told to drive it and see how it does. I drove the car for a couple of weeks and noticed that it had a vibration in it.  It was occurring at all speeds. It feels like driving a 4X4 with all terrain tires. The hood on the driver side closest to the windshield was vibrating. I returned to Vestal and they had the suspension tech to ride with me. He noticed a noise coming from the right front tire and said that he thought it was the wheel bearing. He also road balanced the tires. One of the USED tires that they put on the vehicle was defective and had to be replaced. After this visit, I again was told to drive the car and see how it was.

About 2 weeks went by, the hood still vibrates and is not sitting as it does on the passenger side. The car is still riding rough. Lori came out to the parking lot, looked at the vehicle and told me, Mr. Powell, the car is with in factory tolerances, I don't know what else to do for you. I left and contacted Nationwide adjuster Tom Cranford and advised him what just transpired, he told me to take it back and have them to fix it or that I could take it somewhere else. About two or three weeks later, I was able to go by Ray's Body Shop and he looked at the car for about 2 minutes and said that replacing the hood hinge would fix the problem and he also found a dent in the driver side front quarter panel that Vestal's should have seen. He also showed me a misalignment of the fender skirt and quarter panel. He said that he could fix the problem, however he recommended that I return it to Vestal's and let them repair it.

I contacted Nationwide adjuster Tom Cranford and he contacted Vestal's and ordered the hinge. I contacted Vestal's later on and they said they would call me when the part came in. It should be there in a day or two. May 1 - 3, I was expecting a call to bring the car in. On Thursday May 9, I still have not been called about the hinge being in, I changed the oil and cleaned the air filter. While I was under the car waiting on the oil to drain, I was looking around and noticed that there is a weld broken on the fender well.

That evening I had a meeting at church, I came home and parked the car. On Friday morning my wife was going to drive the car to work. When she started to back out of the driveway, the steering was not working. Thank GOD that it did not quit while I was driving down the road, or worst yet, while my wife and child was going down the road. She dropped me off at the fire department where I was working at that day and I called Nationwide. Tom, called Vestal's to arrange getting the vehicle towed. When I got home Friday afternoon and had time to see what had happened, the pictures below is what I found.

What you are seeing in the pictures above is the motor sitting on the ground. This is the new (used) k-frame that Vestal's installed on the car. That is not the problem however. The mechanic that installed it, did not install 2 very important washers on the bolts that hang the sub frame to the uni-body. The bolts were secured through a rubber bushing in the sub frame and they worked loose over a two month period and fell from under the car. Again, if this happened while driving down the road, I would have lost control of the steering and would have crashed, injuring or worst killing myself, my family or someone innocently driving down the road.

I went to Vestal's on Monday the 13th to change out undersized rental vehicle that they had me in over the weekend because it did not have enough room in it. Jeff Huffman, the service manager met me and told me that the catastrophic failure was their fault, human error he said. They are taking responsibility for it. I didn't get to change vehicles that day and went back on Tuesday. When I got there, I noticed that my car was back in the body shop and the frame was bolted back up. Dan said that what I thought was a broken weld was the seam sealant that was separating. Again, I had them to put the vehicle on the lift and had to show them the weld that was broke. They said that they would fix that along with the hood.

 While at work on Monday the 20th, I received a call from Shane at Vestal's stating that my car is ready. When I got off of work Tuesday morning, I went home unloaded the car and went back to Vestal's to pick up my car. Dan Royer met me and advised that everything has been fixed. I got in my car and started to leave and decided to drive through the lot to see what was there. When I turned the wheel to the left there was a jerking, grinding feel in the front right wheel. I continued around the new cars not making a point to hit the brakes while turning to see if would repeat and it did it again two more times.
I went back to the body shop and told Dan that the vehicle isn't fixed. He said that he would get someone to look at it. I asked him to ride around the parking lot, he stated the he could not hear noises well. I told him to come on because he could feel this and did not need to hear it.
We drove around the parking lot again and it did it again. We went back to the body shop, I changed everything back to the rental car.

As I was leaving, I decided to stop in the front and speak to Mr. Vestal. The lady in the tower, advised me that Tim Vestal is the manager and is in a meeting. She gave me his card and told me to call and leave a voice mail. I did that while sitting in the parking lot.

Tuesday passed and by lunch on Wednesday, I still had not heard from Mr. Vestal. I called back and left another voicemail, telling him that I was available all day Thursday and that I would like a meeting with him. On Thursday at almost 2PM, I called back to speak to Mr. Vestal, the operator told me that he was not in and asked if anyone else could help. I asked her if anyone was over Tim Vestal and she said no. She said that he should get my message and return my call by Friday. I had to work EMS on Friday, but guess what? I never got a call from Mr. Vestal.
Now That's What I Call Service !

I called back to Vestal's on Monday, May 27, and Mr. Vestal was not in. Again, I left yet another message and still no return call on Tuesday or as of 9:30AM on Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
I go to Vestal's to pick up my car. I go in and ask for Mr. Vestal again, like before, he's not available. I did speak with his son, Josh. He apologized for the substandard workmanship that went into putting my car back together and said that he could give me $8000.00 for it. He said it was a thousand more than it should be on a trade. However, if I was to buy a vehicle from Vestal's, there is more room to work. When I took the vehicle in to start with, I thought that I would have it fixed right the first time. I understand that occasionally something will happen and have to carry it back. But this is ridiculous.

On Thursday, May 30, I get a voicemail from Tim saying that Josh had spoken with him and that he had end of year activities on Friday with his daughter at school and did not know when or if he would be available that day. He left me his cell phone number. Thursday evening, I am coming home from a school event and the driver side headlight is flickering. On Friday, I pulled the head light off to find the cause.

The original wiring harness was damaged and had to be replaced. Instead of installing a new harness, of course it was replaced with a used and also damaged harness. When I took the light off, the lock was raised up off of the tab and the plug was partially out. Looking at the locking tab on the plug (circled area), where it is broke loose from is black. If it was a fresh break, it would be white on the edge. If you look at the same spot on the left side, you will see a white line at the lock tab. This is a newer strain on the plastic, ready to break.

Here's another look at the connector. You can see the damage to the connector much better from this angle. You will also notice that the locking tab has broken off completely. I used a cable tie to hold it together after reconnecting the plug.

While the headlight was out, this provided me with a look behind the quarter panel. Should have done this long ago.

What you are looking at in the center of the photo is two spacers stacked between the quarter panel mount and the uni-body frame. This is done so the quarter panel looks like it fits properly from the exterior. You can see on either side of the spacer on the left side (the uni-body) a rectangular area where the fender mounted originally. Now there is approximately a 3/8 - 1/2 inch gap between the two. This tells me that the uni-body is not squared. If I take a panel off of a vehicle and replace it with another OEM panel, then it should bolt back in place just the same without the need for all the spacers.
After seeing this, I decided to pull the headlight from the passenger side.

For some reason, I was not surprised at what I found. There is structural damage. You can see the metal warped here in the picture.

On Monday, June 3, I contacted Tom, the Nationwide adjuster. I told him of the problems. He wanted me to carry it back, instead I told him that I needed to talk to his supervisor that tomorrow will be 4 months since the wreck and the car is still not fixed. He told me that it won't do any good because she would tell me the same thing that he is telling me. At this point in time, I am willing to take the chance. Tom went on to tell me that his supervisor is out sick today and it may be Wednesday before she could call me back.

On Wednesday, I was working EMS and I had a message on the answering machine when I got home Thursday morning from Tom's supervisor. I called her back, briefly explaining the situation that has transpired over the past 4 months and she said that they are going to total the vehicle. She told me that she has to get some information together and will contact me back either on Friday at the earliest but probably on Monday. Finally the ordeal is about over. (So I thought).

I had to work EMS on Sunday and got off Monday morning (6/10/13). As soon as I get on the interstate for my trip home the service engine light comes on. The message center on the dash started displaying the messages.
1) Service Stabilitrack, 2) Service Traction Control, and 3) Engine Power Is Reduced.

I got the car home and called Nationwide and left a message for Tom's supervisor, wanting to know if they are going to total the vehicle or if I needed to take it back to Vestal's and have them to fix this next list of problems. I got a call back within the hour advising me that the vehicle is totaled and that she would talk to me later on about completing the paperwork and settling the claim. I had a rental vehicle within 2 hours from Enterprise rentals.

Later in the day, I contacted Vestal's and Tim Vestal was not in. I called him on his cell phone and left a message. He returned my call a little later on. I said that I wanted to meet with him about my car and all of the problems that I have had along the way. He could not meet with me until next week. He did however tell me that I could meet with Josh his son in the mean time since we had already talked. I told him of a used truck on his lot that I may be interested in and I will talk to Josh on Wednesday afternoon.

I get to the dealership on Wednesday afternoon and ask to speak to Josh, one on the salesmen asked if he could help me and I told him that Josh is expecting me per Tim. He went to talk to him and came back and asked if I wanted to look at the truck in the meantime while waiting on Josh. I was good with that and he got me the keys to the truck. After looking at the truck and test driving it. I went back in to wait on Josh. The salesman ( I didn't get his name) came over and led me to a cubicle and asked how I liked it. I told him that if the price is right I would buy it. It is listed on the internet at $31,800.00. I told him that I would give him $25,000.00 for it. He said, "you're kidding, right". I told him no, that's the least that they (Vestal's) could do since I have had the terrible experience that I have undergone attempting to get my vehicle fixed. He left saying that he would take it to Josh.

Guess what, Josh now has time to talk to me because he comes back. He doesn't appear to think that Vestal's has any responsibility for what I have had to endure for the past 4 months. His only comment was that "I can't sell you that truck for $25,000, because  I can get $30,000 out of it at the auction". If I treated a customer like this, I would bend over backwards to help them out. Did I expect them to sell me the truck for $25,000, not really. I did expect them to try to make things right for what I have gone through these last 4 months.

He did agree that Vestal dropped the ball on my vehicle and that it should have been totaled to begin with. Thanks to Dan in the body shop, because he did not think the damage was that bad and it could be repaired.  I asked him how many other vehicles had the ball been dropped also and a shiny coat of paint covered the damage beneath it that was never repaired or properly repaired.

You may buy a vehicle at Vestal's and have a wonderful experience with purchasing, however, I can honestly say, be careful with the service department and body shop.

 There are signs posted in the different departments at the dealership that says it best.

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